The good cause

Year after year the Adventurists and every single team are doing a good deed. Every Rally-Team has to collect at least 1,000 £ for two non-profit organisations. One half will be donated to a determined organisation where as the second part goes to an regional charity.

Cool Earth

This year all teams support the projects of Cool Earth, which are helping the endangered rainforest to survive. Every year about 78 milion acre of rainforest are destroyed.

Cool Earth works with local rainforest communities to protect rainforest from being cut down. With our supporters, we make a difference by;

  • Only protecting rainforest that is in imminent danger and without our intervention would be cleared.
  • Protecting rainforest that forms a protective blockade for tens of thousands of acres of adjacent forest.
  • Working with local communities to make sure that they are best placed to protect the rainforest.
  • Making sure the money our individual sponsors give us goes directly to the rainforest. We spend less than 10% of our supporters’ money on administration.
  • Protecting areas with high levels of biodiversity which store at least 260 tonnes of CO2 per acre.

Luckily there is Cool Earth fighting against these disastrous circumstances with us helping this year :)

Here the link to the site of Cool Earth: KLICK.

AKuBiZ e.V.


AKuBiZ e.V. is a regional association we want to support. They deal with racism and anti-Semitism and organize workshops and events. Our donation will be used for the Antira-Football-Cup and an excursion to the Saxon Switzerland in the next year.

In den Jahren 2004, 2005 und 2006 wurden sie mit dem Preis “Botschafter der Toleranz” der Bundesregierung, 2006 und 2007 mit dem Preis “Ausdrucksstark gegen Rechts” und 2006 mit dem Ehrenamtspreis des Landkreises Sächsische Schweiz für ihre bisherige Arbeit ausgezeichnet. Im Herbst 2010 sollte dieser Verein mit dem Sächsischen Demokratiepreis ausgezeichnet werden, welchen sie jedoch ablehnten.

More information on the AKuBiz-Website.

Selling the Rally-cars in Mongolia



At the end of our long journey, when we hopefully arrive the mongolian capital, the rally car will be sold. The money goes to an organisation called Adventures for Development in Mongolia (AFDM), a registered NGO partnered with Adventures for Development (AFD).


After the cars are repaired and prettied up they will find a new home in mongolian families. Mainly the money is for supporting projects for mongolian children from lower-income backgrounds. For instance schools or children’s homes will be built or improved.


Link to AFD: CLICK



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